Necessary Supplies for Lessons

You will only need a guitar for the first lesson unless you are renting one from me already in stock (see "Guitars" in the menu listing).


Classical or Nylon Stringed

Classical guitars are substantially different from their rock music cousins. Their strings are not steel, the necks are shorter and wider, and their voices are well, just way more beautiful. The guitar must be appropriately sized (i.e., 1/4 sized; 1/2 sized or full-size). Please let me know if you need assistance selecting or buying a guitar. Guitars are also available for rent at very reasonable rates. See "Guitars" in Menu for ones currently in stock. 

Foot Stand

Wood or Metal

Available at most Guitar Centers or online music stores. These are not terrible expensive ranging price from $15 - $30.

Suzuki guitar Book 1

CD and Book

Also easy to find on Amazon or Walmart at a about $16 combined (book and CD). The CD is essential as the student must listen and become familiar with the music the will play.

Drum stool


Correct posture is paramount. A small drum stool provides a portable and stable platform for a child's playing.


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