About Me

Discovering a Better Way to Learn

Music was a great mystery me as a child. It seemed magical but also, an unsolvable riddle. Only as an adult through some wonderful teaching by my early mentor Helene Rottenberg (Professor of Music at Madonna University), and later by Jason Vieaux (Director of Guitar at the Cleveland Institute of Music and the Curtis Institute), did my musical studies really begin.

However, my daughter's journey as a professional violinist and viola player began as a 6 year old Suzuki student. Watching her musical appreciation and playing grow as a Suzuki parent, started my musical teaching education.

Understanding how to apply the same methods my daughter learned by, to the classical guitar became a passion for me. I have earned certification by the Suzuki Association of the America's in Guitar Books 1 - 3.

I love performing so I can share this beautiful instrument's voice. And now, I want to share my love for this instrument, with children, teenagers or adults, as way to develop both guitarists and smart, sensitive human beings.

For a complete description of the Suzuki Method, please visit suzukiassociation.org

- Ron Cieri


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